Meet Thomas

At a young age Thomas became fascinated with the beauty of the world. Picking up a camera only felt natural to him. With his keen eye for dramatic imagery, Thomas is in constant search for his next shot.

A self-taught landscape photographer, Thomas has spent nearly a decade capturing breathtaking landscapes. Passion is the key to Thomas's photography, and he will stop at nothing to get the shot. He is not afraid to be battered by crashing waves, traverse up rugged mountains, or be pelted by freezing rains. At these moments, Mother Nature reveals her power and beauty, resulting in Thomas’s collection of dramatic images.

His dedication to the art of photography has manifested itself in a list of accolades. Thomas started gaining recognition locally by entering his art in regional competitions. He later aspired to be nationally recognized for his talent. That dream became a reality when in 2014 three of his photographs were awarded by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. These photographs are still exhibited in the Wilderness50 collection. This competition commemorates the 50th year anniversary of the momentous Wilderness Act, and will become part of the Smithsonian's permanent collection. Thomas is honored to not only be awarded for his photography, but also to be recognized in a competition that focuses on the preservation and conservation of America's great landscapes.

Thomas’s dramatic images have earned him a loyal following of collectors. Join Thomas's journey as he shares these spectacular moments with you.